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2-Step Method How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Effective Steps That Can Help You Lose Weight

2-Step Method How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Kaelin Tuell Poulin is the Co-Founder of LadyBoss Weight Loss

So, no matter where you’re at… whether you’re just starting and have 100 lbs to lose… or your trying to get rid of that last bit of belly fat… or anywhere in between… The LadyBoss Lifestyle is the new system you need to go from where you are now to where you want to be!

Kaelin Tuell Poulin ‧ Former IFBB Pro athlete and Co-founder of LadyBoss Weight Loss

Being overweight can be a traumatic experience, especially when you are surrounded by a lot of people. You may fear what people think of your body, making every day stressful. There is hope, fortunately. Thanks to these steps, you can effectively lose weight.

Countless of fad diets, weight-loss programs and outright scams promise quick and easy weight loss. The fact is, for successful, long-term weight loss, you must make permanent changes in your lifestyle and health habits.

Step #1. Start A Diet

The first thing you should do in order to lose weight is to start a diet. Try to stay away from fast food restaurants, as these places have foods that are high in calories. Instead, try eating home-cooked meals as much as possible. Incorporate a lot of protein in your diet, and foods that are high in vitamin C, B, and E.

You also want to eat foods that have a filling effect, so that you don’t overeat throughout the day. Nuts and almonds are great for this filling effect, and you can add them to other meals. These may include salads, cereal and ice cream.

If you have the urge to eat snacks like chocolate or chips, try substituting them with fruit. Strawberries and bananas give you that sweet taste without jeopardising your diet.

TIP: The first thing you should do in order to lose weight is to start a diet.

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Step #2. Be More Active To Lose Weight

Another key to losing weight is to be active throughout the entire day. You may get the urge to sit down and watch TV, but this increases your chances of putting on weight.

Instead, try getting out of the house, whether it’s to workout at a gym or just to walk around a park. Being active helps you burn off calories, which is an integral part of losing weight.

If you enjoy watching TV or movies, try to stand up during these activities. You may even want to invest in a treadmill. That way, you can watch your favourite programs and work up a sweat at the same time.

2-Step Method How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

TIP: Being active helps you burn off calories, which is an integral part of losing weight.

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The Bottom Line

If you are overweight and looking to get healthier, you can take these steps. They will help you lose weight efficiently, so you can get back to being happy again. Research shows that people who adopt smaller, positive changes to their lifestyle, such as drinking more water or walking five more minutes each day, lose more weight and keep it off.

Be aware, you likely will have an occasional setback. But instead of giving up entirely after a setback, simply start fresh the next day. Remember that you're planning to change your life. It won't happen all at once. Stick to your healthy lifestyle and the results will be worth it.

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FAQ About Losing Weight

How can I lose weight in 3 days?

You will likely lose weight on any diet if you eat less than 910 calories a day. But losing 10 pounds in 3 days is both unlikely and unhealthy. To lose just 1 pound of body fat, you need to reduce your daily calories by about 500 a day for a whole week. That's giving up 3,500 calories over the course of 7 days.

Can you lose weight by diet alone?

Yes, you can lose weight with diet alone, but exercise is an important component. Without it, only a portion of your weight loss is from fat — you're also stripping away muscle and bone density. As a rule of thumb, weight loss is generally 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise.

How can I lose a pound a day?

Because 3,500 calories equals about 1 pound (0.45 kilogram) of fat, it's estimated that you need to burn about 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound. So, in general, if you cut about 500 to 1,000 calories a day from your typical diet, you'd lose about 1 to 2 pounds a week.

What exercise burns the most calories?

Running is the winner for most calories burned per hour. Stationary bicycling, jogging, and swimming are excellent options as well. HIIT exercises are also great for burning calories. After a HIIT workout, your body will continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours.

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