4 Tips For Balancing Your Diet During Weight Loss

4 Tips for Balancing Your Diet During Weight Loss

The Ugly Truth About Balancing Your Diet

Can you drop 10 pounds in two weeks? Sure, probably. Should you? Most likely not.

Unless you are morbidly obese and being strictly monitored by your doctor, extreme weight loss is an unhealthy goal and can lead to real damage to your body.

Why am I opening with this?

Because I want to convey the importance of not only losing weight but losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way. It’s not enough to shed a few pounds. If you don’t do it the right way, you run the risk of gaining the weight back… or worse.

In order to stay healthy and in order to maintain long-term weight loss, you have to balance your diet and make sure you are getting everything you need to nourish yourself and stay healthy. Below, I am going to discuss four tips with you for keeping your diet balanced and your body healthy during your period of weight loss.

#1. Period Of Weight Loss

Notice the emphasis on the word period. This is because you should view your weight loss as a periodic thing, not a permanent thing.

Eventually, your body should balance out and you will eventually hit your target weight and stay there. If you start to dip below your target weight, you will need to adjust your food intake and diet to make sure you don’t fall below your healthy weight.

If you are dieting correctly, you will hit the point where you are taking in the appropriate amount of calories and burning the appropriate amount of fat. You need to realise when you’ve gotten there and stop decreasing your caloric intake.

Sure, you could lose the weight faster, but you want to make sure you are getting the appropriate amount of nutrients to sustain yourself, so you aren’t nutritionally starving.

#2. Hit All Of Your Food Groups

Some diets tote the value of cutting out this food group or that. There are low/no carb diets, low/no fat diets and etc.

The thing is, your body needs these things to sustain itself and the only reason you are losing weight is that you are starving your body of important nutrients.

The key here is portion control. Just because you need carbohydrates, doesn’t mean you need a roll of bread and an entire potato. Find the appropriate portions for each food group and make sure you aren’t nutritionally deficient.

#3. Make Sure It’s All On The Plate

Every meal should hit every food group, every time. Don’t cut out food groups and hope you’ll make them up later.

Unless you have been planning a six meal a day schedule that accounts for the appropriate daily intake of each food group, make sure that your meals have all of the major food groups built into them.

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#4. Consult An Experienced Nutritionist

The internet is full of incredible information for your health. It’s also filled with a tonne of BS. This is your health we are talking about and you shouldn’t risk it on a site that has questionable credentials.

If possible, consult a nutritionist before taking internet advice and making drastic changes to your diet. If you do these four things, you can drop all of the weight you want to drop in a healthy and efficient way!

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