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No Gym, No Weights: How To Stay In Shape Without Equipment


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You know that your health is important and that daily exercise can cut your risk of disease while skyrocketing your energy. But how do you fit a workout into your busy schedule and stay in shape?

Too tired after a hard day's work to take advantage of a gym membership? Luckily, it's possible to stay in shape and get fit without missing a beat in your busy lifestyle.

Who needs expensive, cumbersome exercise equipment or a daily commute to the gym when you can get valuable, heart-pumping exercise almost anywhere? Try these simple tips to get and stay fit around your home or workplace...

Take A Walk

Walking is one of the most accessible forms of exercise. You can add more steps to your day by simply walking around the block at lunchtime or taking the stairs instead of the lift. Even if you work out regularly at a gym, walking can supplement your routine and give you more energy and a slimmer body.

Consider buying a pedometer that counts your steps. Wear it all day and record the number of steps you've taken at the end of the day. Each week, set a daily step goal and increase that goal each week. You'll be surprised how your mind works more steps into your daily routine.

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Practice Breathing Exercises

As often as possible, focus on your breathing. Learning to relax and slow down your breathing will do wonders for your physical and mental health. You'll handle stress better and meet the challenges of your life with more effective responses when you learn to relax under pressure by focusing on your breathing:

  • You can focus on your breathing anywhere. When you're stuck at a red light, use the time to relax, instead of getting frustrated at the delay. In between activities or duties at work, take a breathing break. And, when you start to feel stressed, take just a few seconds to breathe deeply and refocus on solutions.
  • Close your eyes (if you're not driving, of course), and slowly inhale through your nose. Then exhale slowly through your mouth, pause, and repeat a few times. Place your hand on your stomach, covering your belly button. If you're breathing correctly, your hand will slowly rise and fall.

Drink Lots Of Water And Eat Nutritiously

Drink as much water as possible to keep your body well hydrated and functioning at peak efficiency. Think of the food you put into your body as fuel for your life and choose to fuel your body with high-energy foods that keep you fit.

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Eat Many Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Fill your dinner plate with vegetables and a smaller portion of meat and carbohydrates. Eat fruits for an energy-producing alternative to candy bars or other sugary snacks.

Exercise For At Least 10 Minutes Per Day

You can exercise anywhere, without using special equipment. Examples of exercises you can do without a gym membership or expensive equipment are push-ups, skipping rope, stretches, and crunches.

In as little as 10 minutes a day, you'll notice a tremendous difference in how you look and feel and help you stay in shape.

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Get Plenty Of Rest

The amount of rest you need is different for everyone. The important thing is to make it a priority to go to bed early enough to give your body the rest it needs. If you feel groggy every morning, consider going to bed earlier or taking a short 15- to 30-minute power nap in the afternoon.

The Bottom Line

You want to get fit and stay in shape. But you don't want to join a gym. It's too expensive, there isn't a gym that's convenient for you, or maybe you're just the independent type. Or maybe you're already a gym member, but your schedule is too manic to get away.

If you put these tips into practice today, you'll experience a greater sense of vitality and confidence. With these simple techniques, the only thing standing between you and a new fit you is action!

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Run or jog 20 to 30 minutes every other day. You can also do other moderate-intensity activities like walking briskly, swimming, or bicycling. After your cardio workout, do three to four sets of bodyweight exercises like squats, pushups, lunges, burpees, or Russian twists.


If you exercise regularly, over time, you will gain even more fitness benefits. At 6 to 8 weeks, you can definitely notice some changes and in 3 to 4 months, you can do a pretty good overhaul for your health and fitness. Strength-specific results take about the same amount of time.


Here are 5 evidence-based ways to lose belly fat:

  1. Don't eat sugar and avoid sugar-sweetened drinks.
  2. Eating more protein is a great long-term strategy to reduce belly fat.
  3. Cut carbs from your diet.
  4. Eat foods rich in fibre, especially viscous fibre.
  5. Exercise is very effective at reducing belly fat.


The way your body provides energy to the muscles also can add weight at first. Thus, your water retention becomes less, so your weight will start to go down. You will start to lose that initial water weight gain (of roughly one to three pounds) a few weeks or a month after starting an exercise program.

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