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Weight Loss Challenges

How To Hack The Genes

How To Hack The Genes That Impact Weight Loss

Did you know that your genes play a significant role in your health and weight loss? This is a fact, and you may find yourself battling too much weight or working to shed excess pounds because of your parents and grandparents.

I Want To Lose Weight But Don't Now Where To Start

Weight Loss: I Don’t Know What To Do

Whether you do or don't want to lose weight is totally personal. If you want to, great, but if you don't, that is perfectly fine as well. If weight loss is one of your goals, this year and you don't know where to start, you're not alone.

I Am Scared Of Failing Again

Weight Loss: I Am Scared Of Failing Again

If you do not want to end up like all the other women that you have heard about, then you will want to make sure you are focusing on the things that might have brought them down in the first place.

I Hate Being Hungry While Losing Weight

I Hate Being Hungry While Losing Weight

When faced with a weight loss goal, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Often, dieting takes a while to work, especially if you aren’t pairing it with exercise. If you really want to see some major progress, you might want to consider...

Losing Weight When Busy Life Gets In The Way

Losing Weight When Busy Life Gets In The Way

Everyone can agree that nothing puts a damper on fitness and weight loss goals quite like a busy schedule. But being busy doesn’t mean you have to give up on your health objectives.

I Am Just Not That Motivated

Weight Loss: I Am Just Not That Motivated

If you are concerned about your body weight or struggling to lose some pounds, you might want to try to be a bit of a weight loss motivator for yourself. Of course, the subject of personal weight can be a sensitive issue for many people. 

I Do Not Have Time To Cook

I Don’t Have Time To Cook While Losing Weight

Preparing and cooking quick, healthy meals should be easy. While it might feel good to put a delicious dinner on the table night after night, it can also be a time-consuming process. When actual life happens and you don’t have time... 

I Do Not Have Time To Exercise

What If I Don’t Have Time To Exercise

Exercise and moving your body, even for short amounts of time, is one of the most essential daily habits for your health. Every exercise or workout doesn’t have to be a sweat-inducing marathon of activity.

Fresh And Healthy Food Is Just Too Expensive

Fresh And Healthy Food Is Just Too Expensive

We are increasingly conditioned to think of healthy food as expensive, because of the price of meat, fish and dairy, the rise of 'superfoods' and the higher cost of organic produce. Yet, nutritious food needn’t cost a fortune.

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I am passionate about fitness, a healthy lifestyle, cooking, and well-being. This blog is about some of my thoughts that are occupying my mind and spirit daily over the last 10 years and my grand passion – weight loss and fitness, healthy lifestyle and healthy food, mindfulness and self-improvement.

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