Working Out According To Your Mood

Working Out According To Your Mood

How To Choose Workout For Your Current Mood

If you are trying to talk yourself out of exercising, stop it! The problem with exercising might not be because you hate it, but rather maybe the workout you have selected to do.

As with any activity, you want it to match your mood. Different moods call for different workouts. This can help keep you motivated while enjoying the benefits of it.

Here is what and how to choose the best workout for your current mood if you are…


If your mood is angry, try kickboxing. If you have the steam to blow off, this high-intensity workout is perfect. Jab, high kick, and punch the emotions from a tough day.

Focus all your anger on the workout, and it will be left there. If your body says “stop”, listen to it! Negative, strong emotions fueling workouts, make it easy to get injured while working out.


When worry, anxiety, and stress preoccupy our mind, this is a great time to try training it. Yoga can relax the body physically, mentally and emotionally. This is a good way to let go and calm yourself down. Stress levels will decrease with yoga poses and be breathing evenly and deeply.


If you are happy, this brings out positive energy. No better place to harness it than a jog on your favourite route.

You will enjoy your jog while boosting brain performance, and preparing your body for restful night sleep. Combining your happy mood, adrenaline rush, and endorphins can pretty much guarantee you a good day.


A cardio exercise that is low impact, and great for when your mood is sad, is swimming. This form of exercise is nice to the joints and increases your heart rate. Physically and mentally, swim in your space. The water can feel soothing, refreshing and help alleviate sadness.


If you have a bike and feel mellow, hop on. Take a bike ride wherever you feel like going. Take in the fresh air and sights while enjoying an aerobic activity.

Cyclists tend to live longer lives compared to non-cyclers, be self-sufficient, and fit. Ride through your town, alongside a waterway, or up hills.

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With the extra motivation that comes when feeling excited, give a class of boot camp a try. You want it to incorporate group work, intervals, and possibly some new tools.

Classes utilizing high-intensity interval training (aka HIIT), as well as circuits, it helps cardiovascular fitness, while also building strength in your muscles. This place is perfect for the positive energy you feel.

Tip To Remember

Any mood you may be in does not need to work against you but rather for you. Anytime you are feeling like crawling back in bed when thinking of exercising, think of your mood then match the workout with it. No need to let your mood dampen your day.

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