4 Tips For Setting Attainable Weight Loss Goals

The Ultimate Guide To Attainable Weight Loss Goals

It’s hard to start working out and eating healthier without jumping in a head first. A lot of people start their weight loss journey and weight loss goals with a New Year’s resolution or a disheartening trip to the doctor, which leaves them wanting to push harder than they’ve ever pushed.

While it’s good to have the drive, pushing too much at once can lead to you getting frustrated, burning out and ultimately giving up. In order to succeed, you need to set attainable weight loss goals that you can stick to without feeling like you aren’t doing enough or you are falling behind.

Here are four tips that will help you to set weight loss goals that are realistic and will keep you motivated throughout your journey.

#1. Cut Unhealthy Foods Out Slowly

A lot of people decide to cut everything out all at once when they start their diet. They go straight to salads, wraps and drinking water instead of giving their body time to adjust. Sure, sometimes this works, but just as often it leads to disaster.

You need to give yourself some time to adjust to healthier eating, or your body and your mind will freak out. Try cutting things out slowly, until you are left with a healthy diet. Maybe start slow, like drinking diet soda, then eventually no soda at all. This pace will keep you moving in the right direction without overwhelming you.

#2. Start Working Out Slowly

Instead of trying to hit the gym for five days a week, an hour a day, try easing yourself into your workout routine. Start with one or two days a week, for twenty minutes to a half-hour a day.

Sure, you won’t see immediate results, but you will begin to build a routine that you can base your future workout endeavours on.

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#3. Think Of Numbers

You shouldn’t just go in thinking that you want to lose an in-discriminant amount of weight. Before you start working out, take an honest look at yourself at thinking about how much weight you want to lose. If you hit that goal and aren’t satisfied, you can always adjust your goal.

From there, set realistic benchmarks based on your body. Some people lose weight faster than others and your weight loss may be slow at first if you’re easing into it.

Set weekly goals that are well within the realm of possibility and try to hit those goals instead of your overall goal.

#4. Allow Yourself To Make Mistakes

Just because you didn’t hit your goal one week or just because you ate an unhealthy meal, doesn’t mean your weight loss journey is over. Allow yourself room for making mistakes and be forgiving of yourself for those mistakes. Beating yourself up will only make you want to quit.

Tip To Remember

I hope these tips have helped. Set goals that are measurable and attainable and you will hit your weight loss goals in no time.

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