5 Actions That Support Permanent Weight Loss

Permanent Weight Loss In 5 Easy Actions

Permanent Weight Loss In 5 Easy Actions

Nothing is a motivation buster more than failing over and over again. Or maybe you’ve had some success with losing weight, but that was in the past and now whatever you do seems to not make any difference in achieving permanent weight loss.

The good news is that weight loss is one of the simplest things to do in the world. Really it is!

It really is a matter of calories in, versus calories out. But then again, most people fail at this exact same step. If you don’t know your numbers, you’ve failed before you even begin! Therefore, if you think you’ve tried everything under the sun and have all but completely given up, here are mind-blowing tips to deliver results.

#1. Invest In A Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker can be a godsend. A personal trainer of sorts that comfortably sits on your wrist or upper arm. A fitness tracker can also do more than merely tracking your workouts.

It can alert you when you’ve been sitting too long, can track steps walked throughout the day (although I personally don’t like this feature because it is inaccurate), map your sleeping habits, and show you calories burned during the day.

This calorie tracker is by itself worth the investment you made on the product, as knowing how much you burn will help your goal significantly.

#2. Eat Lots (Of Bulky Low-Calorie Foods)

Does one serving of French fries not hit the sweet spot in your stomach? Then how about swapping it out completely?

Veggies are extremely low calorie, yet more filling that carb and calorie-heavy foods. And the best part?

You can basically eat veggies to your pleasure- eat as much as you like without the guilt. Serve with some lean protein and you’ve got a major weight loss partner in foods.

#3. No Need To Train Like A Beast

While we do support working out as hard as you can during a single session, you do not need to make one intense session per day into two, or three. In fact, this is a recipe for failure, as physical and mental burnout will stop you dead in your tracks. Exercise a few times a week, intensely, but stay alive. Keep in mind, the body recovery is vital here…

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#4. Decondition Yourself

Did you know that you could be losing weight without knowing it? The body is in a constant state of loss and gain, breakdown and building.

Many people who stay the same weight for months and years at a time have their life down to a routine so much that their caloric intake and expenditure remain relatively stable without them ever knowing it.

You could be working out extremely hard, which is what is helping to keep you stable, but your body has plateaued. By taking a planned “easy” break for two weeks, then resuming normal intensity, your body resets and you will likely see changes.

Do not be disheartened if you know to your heart that you are working out hard; sometimes you need a break to continue progress in order to achieve permanent weight loss.

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#5. Eat Slower

Most people with hectic lives don’t have the time to truly enjoy their meals; rather, it’s just a chore to swallow and get back to work.

However, by not chewing your food sufficiently, you are short-changing your weight loss potential and one of the true pleasure of life. Chewing, like any other task, requires calories.

Common sense would tell you that slow, deliberate chewing will burn more calories than 3 large munches followed by a trip down the hatch. These additional chews add up and could be just what you need to push through weight loss when all else seems impossible to change.

Tip To Remember

There are virtually hundreds of other tips you can make use of to trigger additional and permanent weight loss; these are just frequently overlooked and are likely to make the most measurable changes for your body.

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