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3 Superfoods With Low Calories

Why We Love Superfoods (And You Should, Too)

David Wolfe, an American author and product spokesman

I believe the best way to activate genius within the immune system is by ingesting certain superherbs and superfoods, taking probiotics and cultured foods, minimizing toxic food exposure by eating pure organic raw-living foods, and making appropriate healthy lifestyle improvements.

David Wolfe ‧ American author and product spokesman

When it comes to the warmer months of the year, this could be the ideal time for women to work towards weight loss goals. The key to being able to shed the pounds with greater ease is to eat foods that are plentiful and in the season.

The months of summer can help you find superfoods that are lower in calories, yet high in nutritional value at the same time. Knowing some top foods to select from is sure to help you stay in shape and reach your weight loss goals at the same time.

#1. Watermelon

The best time of the year to get fresh watermelon will be during the summer months. Many places you go will have these for sale at the lowest price of the year. You may even see some produce stands on the side of the road and be tempted to buy one straight out of the garden.

Why We Love Superfood (And You Should, Too)

Knowing some top foods to select from is sure to help you stay in shape and reach your weight loss goals at the same time.

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Watermelon is an ideal food to help promote your weight loss because of the high water content it has. Additionally, this tasty fruit is rich in many vitamins that your body needs and craves to be healthy. One of these includes Vitamin C, which can help boost your immune system and help keep your body strong and healthy.

One of the great things about watermelon is that it’s low in calories, and you can eat a lot without gaining weight. The combination of water and fibre means you are eating a good volume of food without a lot of calories. High water content is one reason fruits and vegetables help you feel full.

#2. Blueberries

Why We Love Superfood (And You Should, Too)

Regardless of how you choose to eat blueberries, simply be sure to do so to improve your overall health. They have a sweet flavour, and they are succulent and nutritious.

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This fruit has been touted as being one of the best superfoods of all times. Although it’s small, it’s huge on the delivery of antioxidants that are critical for helping your body recover and working to prevent cancer.

It’s a great idea to toss a handful of these into your yoghurt or put some in the blender for a tasty smoothie. Regardless of how you choose to eat blueberries, simply be sure to do so to improve your overall health.

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#3. Peaches

If you live in the South, you will see a plethora of peach stands while driving to your destination. We can find this fruit on many farms throughout the southern states, and this makes it easy for you to grab some during the summer months.

Peaches are a significant source of vitamin C and are rich in potassium. Even more, this tasty fruit offers a lot of fibres and getting this in your daily diet is a sure-fire way to decrease the possibility of being constipated.

This vegetable is classic and goes well with most any summer meal. Regardless if you’re grilling out burgers or having a gourmet dinner for two, there’s always room for one of those. As well, here is a comprehensive superfood list.

Why We Love Superfood (And You Should, Too)

Just one medium peach has up to 13.2% of the vitamin C you need each day. This nutrient helps your body heal wounds and keeps your immune system going strong. 

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Tip To Remember

Choosing these superfoods will allow you to get multiple nutrients that your body needs and is sure to help improve the condition of your health at the same time.

Not to mention, this is super tasty food, as well as being a superfood. Eating the right superfoods during the months of summer is sure to be easy enough. Your body and your waistline will thank you for it!

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