Almonds, Healthy Fats And Weight Loss

Almonds: Moderate Calories For Weight Loss

Almonds: Moderate Calories For Weight Loss

We all avoid certain foods when we are trying to lose weight. One of those foods is almonds. Almonds are high in calories, but they are full of nutritional benefits like vitamins, minerals, and fibre.

In fact, many nutritionists believe you need nuts in your diet in order to have the proper amount of nutrients and weight loss. All types of nuts are very filling.

Healthy Fats

Almonds, in particular, are full of healthy fats that allow you to feel fuller longer. Also, when you digest nuts, you are digesting them slowly, which means you have more food in your stomach for a longer period of time.

Almonds are great for weight loss because they have healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. These are the same types of acids found in avocado and olives.

The primary source of monounsaturated fat found in almonds is from oleic acid. This acid, in particular, has been found to reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol. It has also been found to reduce the risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

Minerals & Vitamins

Not only that but almonds are full of minerals like manganese, copper, magnesium, B vitamins, riboflavin, niacin, and biotin. When eating these nutrients, you are activating the cellular energy in your body, making you feel more active and resulting in the burning of calories.

Vitamin E is also prevalent in almonds, which protects your heart from free radical damage. This will keep your heart pumping and remain healthy.

Multiple studies have been conducted to find that those who eat almonds while pursuing a healthy diet lost more weight than those who pursued a healthy diet alone. It appears that although almonds are 39% fat, they provide ample health benefits.

This proves that calories from healthy fat sources have different impacts on the body. Consuming a few almonds makes you feel very full, compared to consuming the same amount of rice or other grain food.

A healthy way to consume almonds is to have a few of them as a snack in between meals. Going for the unsalted kind is your safest bet.

Tasty Snack

If you tend to have cravings for salty foods and are trying to lose weight, you may want to consider adding almonds to your diet.

This is an ideal food to eat when trying to shed a few pounds, and the benefits of doing so are endless. Not only are almonds a tasty treat, but this food is loaded with nutrition that will be of great help when trying to lose weight.

It’s ideal to keep your energy levels up when eating less, and almonds can allow you to do so. Knowing the other health and weight loss benefits of almonds may have you seeking this tasty snack any time of the time.

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Fibre Content

Did you know that eating foods with a lot of fibre can help keep you fuller longer? Studies indicate that fibre-rich foods are sure to be at the top of the list when it comes to curbing your appetite and are the most fulfilling, as well.

Of course, there are numerous other advantages to eating fibre, and this includes avoiding constipation. By having smoother bowel movements, you can prevent that bloated feeling that most people want to avoid.

Almonds are packed with protein, and you get a full 6.3 grams of protein by eating only one ounce. This can have you well on your way for eating your daily allowance of protein.

Moderate Calories For Weight Loss

You’re sure to want to stick with a certain amount of calories each day, and this typically means the less, the better. You can eat a full ounce of almonds for only 169 calories. This is not exceptionally low, but the good side is that this food is loaded with vitamins and minerals, as well.

Tip To Remember

Almonds are full of calcium and potassium. Both of these are essential to stronger bones and other health benefits. Additionally, there is zero cholesterol in almonds making this even a more enticing diet food choice.

You can meet your weight loss goals and be in the best health possible. Be sure to add almonds to your grocery list to help you do so today!

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