5 Powerful Protein Foods For Dieting

5 Powerful Protein Foods For Dieting

These 5 Protein-rich Foods Will Help Your Diet

With any diet, it’s important to find the right balance of nutrients. This can be difficult sometimes because we often associate certain types of nutrients with foods that we often avoid during dieting. An example of this is a protein.

When most people think of protein, they think of a juicy steak, a cheeseburger or a fried piece of bacon. It may be hard to consider how you’ll get the necessary dose of protein while avoiding some of these heavier foods.

Don’t worry!

You can absolutely get all of the protein that your body needs, while still watching your waistline and staying true to your diet. Here are five powerful proteins that will give you the nutrients you need, while still helping you to reach your weight loss goals.

#1. Chicken

Chicken is packed with protein and tastes delicious! Chicken is lean, which means that the fat content is low. There are a variety of different ways to prepare chicken and as long as you avoid frying it, you can enjoy chicken as part of your diet in many different ways without getting bored.

As well, there are other health benefits of chicken: rich in vitamins and minerals, controls the blood pressure, it has anti-cancer properties and reduced cholesterol.

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#2. Eggs

Eggs are packed with all kinds of nutrients, including (of course) protein. The cool thing about eggs is that they are considered a “complete” source of protein. This is because they have all eight of the amino acids that your body needs to function. They also contain vitamin A, B12, D, E and more!

So, eggs are rich in several nutrients that promote heart health such as betaine and choline. A recent study suggests that eating one egg a day may reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, although experts stress that eggs need to be consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle in order to be beneficial.

#3. Hemp Seeds

Hemp is one of the most protein-packed vegetarian alternatives for protein. Like eggs, hemp powder contains all of the amino acids that your body needs. Hemp is also easy to digest and is a good source of the fat that your body needs.

Keep in mind, hemp may reduce risk of heart disease, symptoms of PMS or menopause, benefit skin disorders, aid digestion and so on. In fact, these seeds may be one of the few superfoods worthy of their reputation.

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#4. Soy

Soy is a great source of protein, as well as a host of other nutrients. There has been a great deal of debate around soy lately, especially involving its estrogen content. With proper moderation, soy can be a great protein replacement and it is packed with other nutrients, including vitamin K, calcium and iron.

#5. Wild Salmon

First off, salmon is delicious! I could eat it every day. Moving past that, salmon is also considered a “complete” protein and is a great source of all kinds of nutrients. Salmon contains vitamin D, A, B6, iron and more. Even better yet, eating salmon fish may help with heart health, improves blood lipids, cholesterol profile and even certain types of cancers!

Tip To Remember

Just because you are on a diet, doesn’t mean you have to eat the same boring protein over and over again. These five foods will give you the protein your body needs while giving you the variety that you crave.

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