Plant-Based Diets For Better Health

Plant-Based Diets For Better Health

The Insider Guide To Plant-Based Diets

First, let me start by saying that plant-based diets are not right for everyone and that you have to work at it in order for the diet to be beneficial.

Getting all the necessary nutrients while eating just plants is possible, but it’s more difficult than doing so with a diet that contains meat as well. You’ll have to plan what you eat on a regular basis and really focus on getting the necessary nutrients in. Many vegetarians even rely on some supplements to get all the necessary nutrients.

With that said, there are some real benefits to a plant-based diet, and they could be worth the extra work.

Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

There is evidence that eating a plant-based diet may lower your risk of heart disease. In a combined analysis done on over 76,000 people, vegetarians were 25% less likely to die from heart disease than meat eaters were.

That means switching over to plants could improve the health of your heart. This is only the case if you include a bunch of high-fibre whole grains and legumes in your diet, two things that you’ll likely need to meet your protein needs as a vegetarian.

Lower Cancer Risk

Any risk of cancer is a bad thing, and statistically, vegetarians are less likely to develop some forms of cancer than omnivores are. This is likely because of the increase in fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Studies have shown that eating more fruits and vegetables can decrease your risk of cancer, but only slightly. So while becoming a vegetarian will help lower your risk of getting cancer, it won’t be a really dramatic change.

Lower Blood Pressure

By increasing the level of potassium in your diet you can decrease your blood pressure. This is a pretty standard change that most vegetarians make automatically when making the switch, and it can result in fewer heart complications, later on.

This is, of course, a change that you could simply make by adding more potassium-rich foods into your diet while continuing to eat meat, but you are much less likely to do so while eating meat.

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Plant-Based Diets And Weight Loss

It’s harder to get calories through vegetables and fruits. This means it’s harder to gain weight as well. That’s why most vegetarians are thinner.

If you move away from meat and other animal products you’ll likely lose some weight as a result, and for some people that alone is a good enough excuse to make the jump.

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