Healthy Eating Benefits

Healthy Eating Benefits

Healthy Eating Benefits That Stand Out

If you or your child suffers from PKU it’s important that you understand healthy eating benefits and what a healthy diet is to help prevent complications and lead a healthy life overall.

Phenylalanine is in plenty of foods and without understanding the risks that some foods present you could unknowingly walk into a health trap.

Fruits And Veggies

Most fruits and vegetables are quite low in the compound and you can eat them pretty freely without worry.

Make sure that fruits and vegetables are a regular part of your diet and you’ll have less to worry about. Look out for traps like peas and corn, though, because these foods have more phenylalanine than you might expect in them.

Low Protein Bread And Pasta

Make sure that if you decide to have bread or pasta that you get the low-protein variety. There are special loaves of bread and pasta made with a low amount of protein in them.

By having these foods you’ll lower your risk of complications and can still enjoy some high-quality foods in the process. Look for the boxes labelled with low-protein, or simply learn specific brands that offer what you are looking for so you can quickly grab what you need at the store.

Drink A Supplemental Formula

There are phenylalanine formula solutions that you can drink to get all of the added nutrients your diet might be lacking on its own. Since it’s hard to eat most meats normally you’ll likely need more protein than your diet can provide you with.

By adding the recommended amount of formula into your diet on a daily basis you can ensure that you have all the nutrients you need to lead a healthy life.

Sticking With The Diet. Lifetime Commitment

If you suffer from PKU it’s important that you understand the diet and do your best to stick with it for the rest of your life. The good news is that you’ll eat a very healthy diet that will likely lead to better health overall than most people you know, the bad news is that you may miss out on some of the meals that your friends and family enjoy.

It can be tough to adapt to a new diet if you are trying to adjust your way of eating for your child, but it’s important that you focus on the PKU diet from day one and that you stick with it as closely as you can.

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