Five Best Exercises For Flabby Arms

Best Exercises for Flabby Arms for Women

5 Best Exercises To Make Tour Arms Toned

Springtime is close and sleeveless shirts are wardrobe staples for beating the sunshine heat, but maybe you are a little embarrassed about your flabby arms.

Since women have hormones that help them store fatter in their upper arms than men, they are more likely to experience unwanted flabbiness. If you want some great exercise for beating flabby arms, look no further!

#1. Switch Up Your Push-up

A study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) showed that triangle pushups, also known as diamond pushups, are the best way to burn arm fat and build muscle.

Do you remember your basic shapes? Instead of doing regular pushups, try putting your hands directly under your shoulders in a triangle shape—the tips of your thumbs and pointer fingers should be touching, while your palms rest on the ground.

#2. Kick Back And… Exercise

Your triceps are the main muscle that you need to tone in order to get rid of the flabbiness, so obviously, triceps kickbacks are going to be a great exercise for you.

To do them, grab a couple of weights:

  • Lightweight dumbbells
  • Cans of veggies from your pantry
  • Full plastic water bottles

Position yourself by bending forward at a 45-degree angle and putting one arm behind you. Extend your arm at the elbow, then bend it back, bringing the weight close to your body. Repeat 8-10 times and then switch to the other arm.

#3. Learn To Dip

Another great exercise for working those triceps is the triceps dip, an exercise that you can do in a variety of ways.

For this exercise, you will need a sturdy chair or bench that does not slide and that can support your weight. With your hands on the edge of the chair, lower yourself off the front, so that you dip down towards the floor. Continue to raise and lower yourself using your arms. An alternative way to do this exercise is with the crab crawl.

Support yourself on your hands and feet, as if you are going to do the crab crawl, but let your butt touch the ground. Use your arms to raise and lower your body, just as you would do if you were using a chair.

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#4. You Can Extend Yourself

This exercise calls for one of the weights you used in the second exercise (triceps kickback).

Grasping a weight in both of your hands, raise it above your head and then lower it behind your head. Repeat 8–10 times. Working your arms like this extends your triceps, further toning your arms for that summer beach body.

#5. Lay On Your Side

Another alternative to the traditional pushup, this exercise involves doing a pushup with one arm while lying on your side. Does that sound like a challenge? It is not.

Lay down on your right side with your arms wrapped around you in a hug. Using your left arm, which should be on top, raise your body off the floor. While you are doing this exercise, your feet will remain on the floor like a regular push up. Repeat on your other side with your other arm.

Tip To Remember

Toning your flabby arms will take time, but fortunately, the exercises that shape up your arm muscles are easy to master.

From the triangle pushup to the triceps extensions, a few simple exercises will have your arms looking good in no time. Add in a few of these exercises to your daily routine today!

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