Best Three Exercises For Flatter Abs

Best Exercises For Flatter Abs For Women

3 Best Exercises For Flatter Abs For Women

Everyone wants a flat stomach, one that looks great in a bikini! However, getting that flat, toned stomach is difficult, especially if you’re over 30 and/or have had a kid or two in your lifetime.

The good news, though, is that, while difficult, having more defined, flatter abs definitely isn’t impossible. If you’re ready to reveal the tight, toned abs of your dreams, all it takes is devotion to healthy eating and the right and the best exercises for flatter abs.

A Helpful Tip For Flatter Abs

First things first, it’s very important to understand that, no matter how much you exercise your abs, your hard work, and great results aren’t going to be visible if your abs are covered in fat.

Excess weight will definitely put a damper on your results, so if you’re committed to having great abs but are carrying excess weight, take steps to lose it healthily. You can still continue exercising your abs along the way, but you also need to incorporate calorie-burning cardiovascular exercises. Once you’re at a healthy weight, your toned, defined abs will be visible.

#1. X Marks The Spot

This first “X” exercise is a great way to start toning up those abs!

All you do is lie face down on the floor. Your arms and legs should be extended in front of you and out to the side just a bit. Your body, from above, will look like a giant “X” if you’re in the proper position.

To perform the exercise, you reach your arms and legs upward at the same time, being sure to squeeze the abs tight when you do. Hold the position for a few seconds, release, and repeat…as many times as you can. If the exercise is too hard for you, you can do only one side at a time, i.e. lifting the right arm and leg, and then the left.

#2. Side Extensions

Part of getting a flat, toned belly is toning the sides of your abs, otherwise known as the obliques. An easy way to achieve toned oblique muscles and a tighter, smaller waist is by doing a few sets of side extensions each day.

With this exercise, you stand up and then bend over to the side. Your arms should be overhead and should stretch when you do and in the same direction too. Concentrate on full, controlled extensions for maximum results.

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#3. Crunches (Sorry!)

We know you probably didn’t want to see these on the list, but the truth is, the dreaded crunches really do work for toning the front of the abs.

To perform a crunch, lie down on your back with your knees pointed upward to the ceiling. Put your hands behind your head and then crunch upward, contracting your abs and using your stomach muscles to get yourself up. Go back down and then repeat as many times as you can.

Be careful not to arch the lower back, and make sure you’re using your abs and only your abs to come up.

Tip To Remember

If you can lose excess fat and do these best exercises for flatter abs regularly, you can get the flat, gorgeous stomach you’ve always wanted, so get to it!

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