Can Sex Be Counted As Exercise?

Can Sex Be Counted As Exercise

The Sex Case Study You Will Never Forget

Sex can absolutely be counted as exercise and most know that a sweaty romp can be quiet tiring.

What most people don’t realise is just how many calories you burn while having sex. While having sex it’s possible to burn more than half the number of calories you would burn while going out for a 30-minute jog, according to research performed at the University of Quebec.

The amount of energy expended varied for each of the people involved in the study, but overall researchers found that people burned more than half the amount of calories burned during moderate jogging.

That’s pretty exciting news for those of us out there that hate jogging, but is it really wise to replace jogging with a roll around the sack? That’s a matter that’s up for debate and many probably won’t like the common answer.

Men Burn More Than Women

It’s pretty common to say that men work a bit harder than women do during sex, and the research proves that point. During the study, men tended to burn around 4.2 calories per minute while women burned closer to 3.1 calories.

The difference means that sex is a more effective workout for men than it is women. That doesn’t mean that women stand to gain nothing from the activity and by taking charge of the situation and climbing on top a woman could probably up that count substantially.

Not All Sex Is The Same


It’s also important to note that sex isn’t going to burn the same number of calories each time you have it.

Sometimes you’ll work much harder than others and that’s okay. If you are having slow, sensual sex it won’t be as effective and you can’t really count every romp as a moderate workout. Only the very extended sessions where you are working hard most of the time will offer the level of exercise that will truly make a difference.

Don’t Use Sex As A Workout Replacer

While you’re probably just as excited to find out just how many calories sex burns as I am, experts say that you shouldn’t use sex as a replacement for exercise.

Even if you have sex regularly you should still exercise just as often. Both activities serve to boost your health, and when the two come together they have even stronger effects. Keeping both in your weekly routine will help you live a happier and healthier life overall.

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