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Unlock Your Full Potential: Prioritising Exercise For A Healthier, Happier Life


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Not moving? Your bones will become stiff and so will your muscles, your muscles will become tense, your back will hurt, and soon an individual who does not get up and move will become stagnant.

Lack of exercise is more deadly than obesity, according to a study of 334,000 men and women, which found that twice as many deaths were caused by physical inactivity than by obesity. So time will catch up with us and health problems are bound to appear!

Exercise Is Imperative

Get up and move now to eradicate stagnation and avoid future health problems and medical bills. Exercise for women is extremely important in every individual's life; whether it is some exercise, any exercise is better than no exercise!

Walking ten to twenty minutes a day, rather than never walking, is at least a step towards some exercise. Doctors have experimented with patients and found that those who exercise more actually burn more calories and are more likely to live longer than their peers who don't exercise.

What You Should Know About Lack Of Exercise

TIP: Doctors have experimented with patients and have left on an ending note that patients with more movement are in fact burning more calories and are more likely to live longer than their peers who don’t do any physical activity.

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Substantial Health Benefits

There are many factors why individuals are experiencing excessive amounts of lethargy and avoiding movement. Some factors can include depression, anxiety, over-exhaustion, P.T.S.D., not enough sleep, not enough time in the day, you name it; the list prevails.

Exercise can ultimately help to give individuals more energy. In fact, many doctors around the world have strongly recommended that even a small amount of exercise each day can have significant health benefits!

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Smart Alternatives

If walking, swimming and/or running is not for you, try a different alternative to physical activity that is correlated to exercise activities; yoga is a perfect alternative! Yoga burns calories, as it also helps with flexibility, agility, movement, balance, patience, etc.

If you don't want to go for a nice walk around the neighbourhood, get up from your couch or chair and stretch! Buy a yoga mat. Stretching is great for stress relief, weight management, mood swings and the human body in general. Remember, lack of exercise can put your health at risk!

What You Should Know About Lack Of Exercise
The Top 5 Benefits Of Swimming And Why You Should Practice It
What You Should Know About Lack Of Exercise

TIP: If walking, swimming and/or running is not for you, try a different alternative to physical activity that is correlated to exercise activities; yoga happens to be a perfect alternative!

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The Bottom Line

Obesity kills. If your weight is not within your normal BMI (body mass index), you can have problems with organ failure, high blood pressure and heart problems. A range of other problems can occur with obesity, but doctors link obesity to a complete lack of exercise, which can be just as bad.

Even a small amount of physical activity each day could have significant health benefits for people who are physically inactive. As individuals, we need movement and growth to sustain ourselves. Calories come and go, as do atoms and molecules. Nourish yourself, expend energy and replenish energy. Listen to the doctors and avoid future death! Get moving!

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Not getting enough physical activity can lead to heart disease - even for people who have no other risk factors. It can also increase the likelihood of developing other heart disease risk factors, including obesity, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes.


The muscle shrinkage. Studies show that after a week of not working out, your muscle mass decreases. Your body burns more calories maintaining muscle than it does maintaining fat. Besides, exercise releases endorphins, so if you stop working out, you're more likely to feel stress and have mood swings.


7 signs you are seriously out of shape:

  • You can't do push-ups. Push-ups are a good measure of physical fitness.
  • It takes a long time for your heart rate to slow down.
  • You have a large waist circumference.
  • You're winded after walking up a staircase.
  • You're craving sugar.
  • You're always tired.
  • You have a high resting heart rate.


Your muscles will become smaller and weaker. If you've been doing high-intensity exercise or weight training, you'll find a reduction in your muscular endurance. A detraining period of 12 weeks results in decreased muscle mass and muscular strength, although the muscles can return to pretraining levels.

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