The Worst Crash Diets Ever

The Unconventional Guide To Crash Diets

The Unconventional Guide To Crash Diets

We’ve all experienced it… that desperation to lose weight and fast! Whether you’re anxious to look great for a big event or are just tired of carrying around extra poundage, you may be tempted to resort to some extreme measures to lose weight.

Though it may not be easy, the only real way to lose weight healthily is through a reduced-calorie diet and exercise. Here is a list of the worst crash diets ever.

1. The Cabbage Soup Diet

Most people have tried the cabbage soup diet at one point or another. While the exact diet formula and soup recipe vary from one passer-down to the next, the basic gist is this: your diet consists mainly of a very low-calorie cabbage soup and a few extras, such as fruits and veggies, which are only allowed on certain days of the diet.

Sound crazy? It really is. There’s no magic formula other than the fact that most of the allowed foods and the soup itself are super low-calorie. Not to mention the fact that most people are so sick of the soup after a couple of days that they’d rather eat anything but.

Long-term, this diet is unhealthy, unsatisfying, and incredibly likely to lead to an all-out binge- leaving the dieter worse-off than before.

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2. The Mono Diet

Mono means “one”. So, as you can imagine, the mono diet consists of eating only one food for a set period of time.

That food can be anything: dark chocolate, popcorn, hot dogs. You name a food, you can guarantee that someone has made a “mono diet” out of it.

There’s no real theory or scientific support behind mono-diets. They just seem to have popped up on the internet out of nowhere. There are a lot of problems with these so-called diets, as you can probably imagine. To begin with, if a person chooses to “mono” a high-calorie food, it will end in disaster and possible weight gain.

Secondly, eating only one food is a surefire way to deprive the body of necessary nutrients. And, as with the cabbage soup diet, people will either get so sick of the one food they’ve chosen that they’ll stop eating altogether or go on a binge, both of which are dangerous behaviours.

3. The Air Diet

The worst diet to make our list is the so-called “air diet”, which is really just a fast track to anorexia. With this “diet”, you mime eating in every way except for the actual eating part.

This diet is dangerous and ineffective, and like all the “diets” on our list, shouldn’t be attempted.

Tip To Remember

Most people know that, but even if they (and you!) do, it’s only normal to be tempted by crash diets that promise quick-fixes. In reality, though, these diets usually end up doing more harm than good, especially when it comes to the world’s worst crash diets.

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