Beginner Workout Routines For Women

Surprising Facts About Beginner Workout Routines

Working out can be something that is hard to do for any person out there. Women tend to not have the time to spend a straight hour or more at the gym.

Between school, work, kids and anything else going on in her life, working out might be the furthest thing from it.

However, when she plans accordingly and can take the time to make a strong beginner workout routines for herself, not neglecting those specific areas, she is better able to tackle the rest of the things that happen throughout her life. Here is our recommended guide for beginner workout routines for any woman that wants to get in shape.

Training Sessions

A woman starting out should go with two strength training sessions and one cardio session in a week. This gives you four days off to rest and replenish your energy. Make sure to add in stretching after and in between workouts to keep them warmed up and ready to go.

One of the best ways to improve your health and body composition is by doing strength training. The cardio workout routine that you choose can be changed with different days and can provide you with a way to bump up your heart rate and shed those extra pounds.

You want to go on a treadmill, running at home, elliptical machine or any other cardio machine that the gym has available. Start out with 15 to 20 minutes worth of cardio at a slower pace until you build up your heart and cardio health.


Repetitions with the weights are always ideal for anyone, even a woman to do. Even if you do not want large muscles, you still want to tone your body overall.

This can be done when you choose 8 to 12 reps with a lower amount of weight, to begin with. Alternatively, you can aim for 60-90 seconds time under the load/tension (TUL).

As you build muscle and strength in the right places, you can then decide to up the weight amount and then the repetitions. Get your body used to the weights and training that you’re doing and make sure to feel good while working out and use a proper technique.

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Right Moves

Work out your form and do the right moves when the time comes. When you’re working these muscles, you’re finding yourself building muscle, toning your body and even losing weight.

You will feel better overall and not have to worry about adding additional weight when you eat something because you now have a strong workout routine that you’re sticking with.

Tip To Remember

Women working out is always a good thing. You can become healthier, live longer and feel great all at the same time. When you have a strong beginner workout routines, make sure to drink plenty of water and also eat a well-balanced healthy meal.

These meals are what is going to give you the energy to get through the workout routines that you have in place. Feel better overall with a nice workout to push you to the place you’d like to be.

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