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About Us

Dear reader,

My name is Mary James and I welcome you to Women’s LEAN BODY Formula blog!

I am a team member who writes this blog. I am passionate about fitness, a healthy lifestyle, cooking, and well-being. This blog is about some of my thoughts that are occupying my mind and spirit daily over the last 10 years and my grand passion – weight loss and fitness, healthy lifestyle and healthy food, mindfulness and self-improvement.

The Goal

The goal of this blog is to help you live a healthy and active lifestyle by making better choices. You will find here unbiased helpful articles and practical ideas how to get rid of excessive body fat, stress-free way, weight loss tips, workout plans and tips, fitness motivation tips, healthy meal ideas and handy videos. You will learn to improve your strength and body shape, get the diet advice and practical recommendations and so on…

Stay Fit And Active

Together with me, you will know why you should stay fit and active, what food to avoid, how to choose the diet correctly, how to look toned without bulking up, look younger, feel better, important genetic factors and much more… All this could be applied immediately to transition to a healthy lifestyle. Happy reading!

Truly yours,

Mary James | Blogger & Fitness Aficionado

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