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The Most Popular Weight Loss Videos From Zuzka Light

Weight Loss Videos

Weight Loss Videos From Zuzka

Top Weight Loss Videos From Zuzka Light

Zuzka Light (birth name Zuzana Majorová), is an internationally known fitness instructor, model, businesswoman, blogger, and author. She was born in Czechoslovakia in the year 1982 and moved to the United States in 2011...

Natalie Jill: Hottest Fitness Trainer And Her Videos

Natalie Jill: Hottest Fitness Trainer & Her Videos

Natalie Jill is a licensed master sports nutritionist, functional fitness trainer, popular online personality and most recently became a USA Today bestselling author. She has helped millions of people worldwide get in shape...

About the Author Mary James

I am passionate about fitness, a healthy lifestyle, cooking, and well-being. This blog is about some of my thoughts that are occupying my mind and spirit daily over the last 10 years and my grand passion – weight loss and fitness, healthy lifestyle and healthy food, mindfulness and self-improvement.

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