Natalie Jill: Hottest Fitness Trainer & Her Secrets

Natalie Jill Fitness Secrets & Popular Videos

Natalie Jill Fitness Secrets & Popular Videos

“When you do the work, you work through the process and that in itself is healing. Excuses will not make your life better. Luck does not just happen. You make your own luck.” – Natalie Jill

Who Is Natalie?

Natalie Jill is a licensed master sports nutritionist, functional fitness trainer, popular online personality and most recently became a USA Today bestselling author. She has helped millions of people worldwide get in shape with her health programs and in the process created an online business that has generated over seven figures in revenue.

Natalie Jill has an autoimmune disorder called celiac disease. She has been through hardships and has courageously dealt with adversity and has overcome and accomplished all her goals through self-accountability.

Her motto is “Excuses or Solutions YOU decide” is true and how she has lived her life and empowered others.

She has been a fitness model at the age of 39. Natalie Jill is a licensed sports nutritionist and a motivational mentor. She does fitness and nutrition coaching full time and is an owner of the website Natalie Jill Fitness has created the weight loss programs, fitness programs, cookbooks and motivational tools.

My Name Is Natalie Jill And Here Is My Story…

I lost my house, my retirement, my marriage ended and I gained a lot of weight. I turned it all around, got my life back and became an inspiration to others. Watch Natalie’s story above…

5 Lessons For Beginners

Here are five lessons beginners can learn from her about getting started as an entrepreneur:

  1. Create a clear vision
  2. Create a community
  3. Cultivate your strengths
  4. Create boundaries
  5. Keep learning

Weight Loss Workouts From Natalie Jill

Best Exercise To Flatten Your Lower Belly

Best Exercise To Get Rid Of Flabby Arm

Attack Of the Back Fat

Full-Body Workout With Resistance Bands

“It’s a lifestyle, not a project with a deadline.” – Natalie Jill

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