Top 5 Clean Eating Habits

Clean Eating Habits To Stick With

Clean Eating Habits To Stick With

Clean eating is a way to refresh your eating habits, clean out poor eating and bring in healthier eating habits. The season change comes the ability to eat healthier, be happier and stick to a new clean eating routine that can help provide you with more energy, and a better feeling overall.

Here are the top eating habits that you should stick with when it is time for a change.

1. Embrace Veggies & Fruits

While everyone may not enjoy eating Brussels sprouts and asparagus, they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that are healthy for you.

Eating more leafy greens, fresh fruits and vegetables as a whole can boost your health in many ways. Add a little spinach or kale to the next fruit smoothie you mix up and get your greens without noticing the taste.

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2. Cut Back On Refined Grains

Eat whole grains that provide more value and nutrition. They are minimally processed, providing you with the entire grain, instead of only parts of it.

These additional features of the grain are good for the body, for health overall and should be consumed. Grains are also ideal for eating smaller portions, but feeling fuller.

3. Don’t Eat Sugars, Salts & Fats

This should go without saying, but reading the label on food items that you’re considering purchasing can give you knowledge. Mostly all processed foods have excessive sugars, salts and fats that are not needed in a healthy diet.

Staying away from these processed, packaged, convenience items and cooking from fresh ingredients can be one of the biggest changes you can make for the better.

4. Control Your Portion Sizes

Portion sizes can sometimes get out of hand. You either enjoy the food that you’re eating, or you are bored and have nothing else to do. Eating smaller, more frequent meals a day can help you stay alert throughout the day, while also helping you keep your weight under control.

Also, by eating more frequently, you’re beating the urge to snack, snack, snack all day long on those unhealthy options.

5. Drink, Drink & Drink Water

It is recommended by healthcare providers everywhere that you should be drinking four to six, eight-ounce glasses of water per day. By drinking throughout the day, you’re keeping yourself hydrated while also giving your tummy the illusion of being full.

If you do not like the bland taste of water alone, try spicing it up with mint leaves or lemon slices.

Tip To Remember

Eating clean is a great thing to do, but your older habits may have to be kicked to the curb. Feel better, live better with habits that help you achieve greatness and make it through each and every day at your best.

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