Tips & Tricks From The Registered Dietitians

Tips From The Registered Dietitians

What Dietitians Can Teach Us About Healthy Eating

Registered dietitians tell all when it comes to healthy eating tips and tricks. While they counsel everyone else about their daily eating habits, how is it that they are able to maintain their own healthy diets in a world that is fueled by fast food and convenience food items?

Here are their tips and tricks for making and sticking to their healthier eating habits, and urge everyone out there to take the chance and make a change for the better.

1. If You Must Eat Out, Do It Wisely

While, everyone out there cannot be home all the time and have a fresh, hot cooked meal on the table, those that have to eat on the road should consider eating healthier. Choosing healthier meals on the go from fast food joints can reduce the number of fats, sugars and salts that you take in.

Exposing yourself to fast food at least once or twice out of the month, while making healthier decisions can also reduce the amount of fast food you want.

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2. Limit Your Diet Soda Intake

Many people think that since they are consuming diet sodas, they are consuming less sugar so they can drink an infinite amount throughout the day.

Want a large greasy meal? Drink a diet soda to offset the number of fats and other non-nutritional food you eat. This is untrue, the more diet sodas you drink, the more sugar and carbs you’re exposing yourself too. One can of soda a day, or a week is sufficient.

3. Have A Pizza Night

When it comes to pizza night with the family, opt for a different type of pizza. Ask for a whole grain crust, extra tomato sauce and top with veggies instead of choosing the chicken wings on the side, choose a salad or fruits.

This balances out the unhealthy aspects of pizza but still allows you to order out from time to time.

4. Pump Up The Protein And Fibre

Protein and fibre throughout the day are ideal to have. Not only can they keep you motivated and moving, but they are essential nutrients to keep you feeling good. Skip breakfast choices that are low on both, and go with whole grains, fresh fruits and yoghurts. A strong healthy breakfast can keep you going the entire day.

5. Only Have Alcohol On Weekends

If you have to have alcohol and you like it, keep it to the weekends. Alcohol can rack up calories pretty quickly, leading to a nice beer belly.

When you limit how much you consume, either on the weekends or just a couple of times a month, you’re limiting the number of calories you take in.

Tip To Remember

When it comes to staying healthy, eating healthy and being healthy, it can be a tough journey to switch too.

When you’re considering going from one end of the lowest, unhealthiest eating habits to the other, with the best eating habits, knowing you can do it and it is for the best is essential.

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